LENGTH: 2.2 miles

DESCRIPTION: This run follows the snowshoe trails noted as the “Mammal Trail” and the “Bear Paw Trail.” This run option that I ran and mapped out includes sections of singletrack mountain bike trail, doubletrack, as well as a good amount of trail that I believe is only used during the winter. Navigation can be a little tricky because of the lightly used summer trail. However, it is well marked with yellow and blue markers. So, while you may have to go a little slower to pay attention, I think your risk of getting lost is fairly low.

NOTE: In the summer, you do have to contend with a short section of borderline bushwacking – the trail is marked but goes through an open area where the blackberries like to grow over the trail. Overall, I would consider this accessible for those with good fitness, good navigation skills, and those who are not afraid to get a little dirty. This is a good option if you’re tired of running on smooth, heavily traveled trails and want to get out for a good effort in a shorter run.

NAVIGATION LEVEL (1 easy, 10 hard): 6. I rate this a 6 because, while it’s marked pretty well, you need to pay attention to the yellow and blue signs on the trees. The trail is lightly used in the summer and sometimes it’s not totally obvious where it goes if you’re just looking at the ground.

PHYSICAL/TECHNICAL LEVEL (1 beginner, 10 expert): 5. It’s rocky with logs to cross, with things covering the trail, as well as some up and down. Nothing large, but with keeping your head up for signs and the lightly traveled summer trail segments, it can be tricky if you’re not the most fleet of foot.

LOCATION: Drive south of Cable on Randysek Road for 2 miles. The North End Trailhead/Warming Hut is right next to the road. Parking is along the road. The trail for this particular loop is right in front of the warming hut.

DOWNLOAD THE TCX FILE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UoH9N6hZf00xNw30In_u5tX-Bvn0-fEB/view?usp=sharing

MAPMYRUN FULL DETAILS: https://www.mapmyrun.com/workout/6005996092

Quick Map For General Reference

NOTES: Follow the signs that indicate Mammal Trail to start. These trails are well used in the winter as snowshoe trails and would be good for snowshoe running.

The Mammal Trail is a joint project between the North End Ski Club and the Cable Natural History Museum. The tour utilizes the North End Ridge Snowshoe Trail and includes 25 metal cut-outs of common local mammals. There are printed guides available at the trailhead and in the North End Cabin. You may alsview and download the guide.