Description: A rolling open ski trail. The trail is well marked with trail name, as well as trail maps at intersections. Most of the grass is either cut or low growing because of tree cover. There are some paths worn into the trail in other spots. There is a section that has been used for logging, so you’ll have dirt on a portion as well. Overall, I would consider this accessible for anyone comfortable with maps, quiet woods, and moderate fitness.

Location: Drive south of Cable on Randysek Road for 2 miles. The North End Trailhead/Warming Hut is right next to the road. Parking is along the road. The trail for this particular loop is right in front of the warming hut.

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Notes: Follow the signs that indicate North End Ski Trail. When you see the “A” shortcut option, take that. The other loops of the North End Ski Trail will give you a longer distance. Be sure to follow the “North End Ski Trail” and not the “North End Classic Ski Trail.” You can run in any direction. During the late summer keep your eyes out for mushrooms, such as Chicken of the Woods, Chanterelles, and Lobster, among others.